As times change, business must be quick to adapt.  The sudden outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has created mass panic and left many companies to make changes quickly. As the public is being urged to stay inside, companies that rely on consumer interaction are being greatly affected. Most restaurants are being forced to use carry-out or delivery services only and grocery stores are limiting their hours of operation. 

However, there are ways that companies can continue to provide excellent customer service and create a positive community in the middle of this unrest. Here are 4 things all companies can do to continue to have human touch and provide exceptional customer service, including some great client examples:

Smiling and Greeting

The first impression is the most important and can greatly influence the interaction. Smile and greet your customers with enthusiasm making them feel welcome and comfortable and more likely to be willing to return to your business.

Offer Alternative Delivery or Take-Out Options

Provide your customers with options such as online ordering and delivery. Recommend that your customers continue doing business with your company in as many ways as possible. Even delivery with “no-contact” options are beneficial!

Show Gratitude for the Essential Workers Keeping The World Afloat

Health care, first responders, volunteers, grocery store, delivery services, restaurant workers, and others are consistently putting their health on the front line to keep the world moving. Donations and care for these individuals are as much appreciated by the customers now as much as ever.

Thank Customers

Show your appreciation for your customers and their support of your business. Make a lasting impression and encourage them to continue working with you. As Starbucks has done below, acknowledge all the wonderful patrons that find time to frequent your business even when things are difficult!

At the end of the day, staying healthy and providing a sense of community is what can get us through these tough times. RBG can help you do more for your customers in this difficult situation, contact us today to get started!


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