With so much competition out there these days, you might have begun to realize that the customer experience you provide is one of the strongest differentiators you control to make your business stand out from that competition. Mystery shopping is a great way to measure, analyze and improve the customer experience you deliver your customers and offers many insights and benefits. Reality Based Group provides simple, objective observations of your staff and operations through the eyes of professional, mystery shoppers. Learn more about key signs that your business can benefit from mystery shopping services and why mystery shopping may be necessary to stay competitive in your industry.


Are you measuring your customer experience? If you’re not or you feel shaky about how well, this can be one the most evident signs that mystery shopping can benefit your business tremendously. Without proper measurement, how can you know if you’re improving or alternatively getting worse? Mystery shopping provides you with a benchmark so you know how well you’re meeting your objectives.

Opt-In Feedback

If you’re only seeking feedback from customers who choose to respond to a survey or voluntarily provide it, you’re missing the bigger picture. Most dissatisfied customers do not choose to inform you of their dissatisfaction, but rather just move on to the competition. Mystery shopping lets you get a better picture of how consistently the customer experience you’ve outlined is actually being provided. As opposed to only hearing from a select few customers, you can gauge how well you’re doing with the expert analysis and responses from trained secret shoppers.

Few Complaints
Sometimes we can all become trapped in the thinking that just because we’re not receiving customer complaints or relatively few that we’re doing fine. This type of thinking can be dangerous; it means you’re approaching the customer experience reactively rather than proactively. Mystery shopping can help you discover and find areas for improvement before you ever receive a complaint. Pinpoint potential problem areas so they can be addressed and corrected as quickly as possible. This is a big reason why you should consider using a mystery shopping company’s services.

Customer Loyalty

No business can survive on new customers alone. Moreover, acquiring new customers is more costly both in terms of time and money versus retaining those you’ve already acquired. Why not work to increase your customer retention instead? By helping you concentrate on the customer experience, mystery shopping can let you deliver the type of customer experience that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Define Your Customer Experience

Perhaps there’s no more clear cut sign that your business can benefit from mystery shopping than whether or not you can quickly sum up the customer experience you want for your customers. If you’re having trouble clearly outlining how you desire that experience to look, mystery shopping is a great way to stop and think about it. Once defined with the help a customer experience expert like RBG, you can begin working towards that dream experience with a tailored mystery shopping program designed to fit your needs.

If some or all these signs rang true with you, it’s time to look into mystery shopping. At RBG, we firmly believe the customer experience is the differentiator that can set you apart from your competition. With more than twenty years in the mystery shopping and customer experience industry, we know can design a program that will exceed your objectives and delight your customers. Get more information about our mystery shopping services.

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