Reality Based Group’s reputation and industry standing speak for themselves. We can help you be more competitive and increase your bottom line. With that being said, you’re bound to still have questions about how mystery shopping programs work and how you can benefit from them.

Shopper Screening/Training

We take pride in the quality of our secret shoppers. Just like your business, they are the ambassadors of our company and we trust them to represent us well. Shoppers are screened through a series of questions to assess their observational abilities as well as their oral and written communication skills. Attention to detail is imperative to good mystery shopping, as well as objectivity in reporting on scenarios and employee performance. When a shopper appears to need further training, our editors coach them with report feedback and in-house support staff provides one-on-one counseling to help them overcome obstacles and improve their observational proficiency. For advanced mystery shopping such as video mystery shopping, shoppers are trained by professionals on the proper use of equipment.

Shopper Integrity

Honesty and reliability are keys to being part of RBG’s secret shopping team. We monitor all shoppers from novices through seasoned contractors to ensure they follow all report guidelines from shopping time frames through purchase requirements, site assessments of special areas like restrooms and landscaping, focused employee evaluations (when a particular person on your staff is being appraised), and adherence to policies and procedures in verbiage used to answer phones, greet customers and present products and services. When we occasionally discover a shopper who is not upholding our standards of integrity, we make every effort to retrain them to acceptable levels of excellence.

Shopper Evolution

Every RBG shopper report is graded on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being awarded only to near perfect reports. Reports are scored based on content, attention to detail, promptness of submission, adherence to instructions, and the quality of the writing including spelling, grammar and objectivity. When a shopper’s performance is subpar, RBG may choose to terminate the contract if coaching fails. Conversely, shoppers who consistently meet standards of excellence are given priority for new and frequently higher paying assignments.

Demographic Coverage

RBG’s shoppers and clients are located all over the country and some areas of Canada. In addition, many of the shoppers are frequent travelers who have access to locations off the beaten paths surrounding major metropolitan areas. This gives our clients the comfort of knowing no matter where their business is located, RBG will find a highly qualified shopper to evaluate their operations. For telephone mystery shops, RBG’s technology posts local area codes on caller IDs to maintain secrecy. No matter where your business is located, RBG has you covered with a fleet of shoppers that represent every imaginable demographic.

Report Customization

RBG understands that each business is unique. Even in a broad category such as restaurants, each has distinctive standards and procedures that owners and managers feel are vital to their success. RBG devotes a lot of time to working with clients to ascertain exactly what they want from mystery shopping services and help them streamline and focus report questions to find the answers they need. If you have several locations, questions can address concerns unique to each shop. When you need to change the focus of reports based on seasons or other variables, RBG can easily meet your requirements.

Information Access/Tracking

Once a shop is finalized – which means it’s completed and the report is edited and submitted – you have immediate access to it. With RBG’s graphs and charts, customized to meet your needs, you can compare shop performance at a glance for each visit as well as see fluctuations in different areas such as customer service, site maintenance, product and service quality, etc. These graphics are invaluable for your presentations to investors and managers as well as motivating staff with quality assessments and showing them areas that need improvement.

RBG Support

RBG knows how important good support is to our clients. We can be reached through all types of telecommunications so you can call us, text us or email us 24/7 and a qualified professional will answer your inquiry as soon as possible. RBG also welcomes clients to visit their headquarters in Austin, Texas to tour their facility and meet the people dedicated to making your success easier and your profits soar. Contact us today to get more information about how our mystery shopping services can benefit your business and how to get started.

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