If you have customers, mystery shopping is a great solution that can give you invaluable insight into the customer experience you’re delivering as well as positively impact your bottom line. It’s also important to note that you do not have to be in some of the more traditional industries often thought of with regard to mystery shopping, such as the restaurant or retail industries. From telecommunications to government agencies, there are many industries that might not immediately come to mind, but can benefit from a mystery shopping program.


The telecommunications industry helps link our world and if you work in this industry, you know the strongest link to your success is the customer experience you provide. A mystery shopping program can provide many benefits, like helping you measure and ensuring your customer interactions run smoothly whether you utilize RBG’s video mystery shopping GameFilm® to evaluate store visits or Real Calls™ to assess phone interactions.

Property Management

Whether it’s a house, a townhouse, a condo, an apartment or even a houseboat, there’s nothing like making where you lay your head feel like a home. If you work in the property management industry, you provide the dwelling your tenants turn into a home. So if home really is where the heart is you know you provide something pretty special. Property management mystery shopping is where RBG started and we have more than twenty years of experience creating great customer experiences for property management customers.

Government Agencies

We don’t often think of the words customer and government in the same sentence but governments provide essential services and products we all need. As such, mystery shopping for government agencies can be crucial to guarantee quality customer experiences are being provided for such essential services and products. Just consider that the United States Postal Service experienced almost 920 million retail customer visits based upon Fiscal Year 2015 data. Further, if the USPS was a private sector company it would rank 43rd in the 2015 Fortune 500. Needless to say government agencies support a great deal of customers and mystery shopping can strengthen those customer interactions.

Financial Services

Walk through the doors of your lobby from an entirely new perspective with video mystery shopping or learn more about customer’s experience with written mystery shopping. The financial services industry requires qualified, expert mystery shoppers who can evaluate complex financial interactions and let you know how you’re doing.

There are numerous reasons why to use mystery shopping for your business, even if it is not in the retail or restaurant sector. Mystery shopping is a powerful solution capable of helping a variety of businesses from different industries stand out from the competition. If you have customers, you can’t afford to miss out on how mystery shopping can improve your customer experience while delivering ROI.

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