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When it comes to collecting video data, all that information is pretty much useless until you can make some sense out of it. This is why turning data into insight is crucial for businesses who use mystery shoppers to improve their customer experience. Of course, without any proper insight, all that data is essentially useless and will not result in any kind of profit increase. Here are four key critical success factors to turn data into profitable insights.

1. Business Alignment

First and foremost, a business needs to lay out the goals for collecting, analyzing, and implementing the data. Once the goals have been identified it will be much easier to articulate and use the data that has been collected. Additionally, this helps a business to ensure their efforts are going to the appropriate places with the appropriate amount of funds.

2. Data Understanding

Again, having all this data is essentially useless unless someone adds value and meaning to it. When collecting and analyzing data, it is important to have a full understanding of the scope of the material that is being looked at. Of course, there are textbook definitions and meanings of certain data, however, how do those meanings and definitions apply to your business. Not only that, but how do those definitions and meanings apply to the business’ goals.

3. Data Quality

The phrase “good data” has a pretty broad definition. This means that a business needs to have its goals, purpose, and mission clearly defined before collecting or analyzing any data. Without any goals, purpose, or mission, it is nearly impossible to outline or clearly define any insight from the data collected. Clear definitions will help to turn data into insight faster and more clear.

4. Data-Centric Resources

Developing a data-centric organization means helping to incorporate data understanding in all levels and aspects of a business. This means that the people at the top and the people at the bottom need to have the same defined message as to what specific data means. Not only that, but individuals need a clear and defined message to able to implement that video data and derive messages from it, which ultimately turns data into insight.

With customer service being one of the top indicators of a successful business, it is important to constantly collect and observe data based on customer experience. With the help of Reality Based Group, businesses can have access to resources that help them turn their customer experience data into highly profitable insights. Find out how RBG’s video mystery shopping service can help improve your business today. 


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