At Reality Based Group, we’re evolving the customer experience. Likewise, we are constantly evolving how you can measure, manage and improve that customer experience with new solutions and services. Our newest offering is InstaShops, which gives you the power and unique insights provided by mystery shopping without the contract.

Who uses InstaShops?

Mystery shopping provides important feedback for businesses in nearly every industry; however, we understand not every business is quite ready to commit to a contract with a Mystery Shopping Provider or perhaps only require or desire a few mystery shops. This exactly why we created InstaShops, so you can enjoy the benefits of mystery shopping as you see fit and without the contract.

InstaShops are also perfect for small business owners, allowing you to gauge the customer experience at your location(s) when necessary, but not on a regular basis. Additionally, if you’ve had a sudden change in your business, InstaShops offers you the option of a single mystery shop with a fast turn-around.

Currently, RBG offers nationwide InstaShops for several different business model categories, including casual dining, standard retail with purchase, drive thru quick service, dine in quick service, and valet parking. However, if your business model isn’t currently supported email us and we would be happy to help.

How do InstaShops work?

Quick, pre-made surveys using RBG’s scorecard best practices are sent to mystery shoppers nationwide once you’ve decided InstaShops is the solution for you. By visiting our InstaShops page, you can explore our categories and choose which one works for you (remember, if you don’t see your business model, just email us).

After choosing your category, you will be taken to our partner site, PrestoMetrics, where you can preview your potential survey. From there, set up a PrestoMetrics account by setting up an email and password or sign in through Google+ or your business’s Facebook login. You then add the location(s) you would like shopped. The search box utilizes Google Maps so it’s quick and easy to use.

Now, you’re ready to accept your survey as is, or you may customize (or remove) answers as needed to fit your particular business. Once completed, you can verify the location(s) you’d like shopped or add more. Choose how many shops you’d like at your location(s) and you’re ready to check out. Shopper fees and reimbursement are included in your category cost as listed on InstaShops page, so you will not need to make additional payments. Log back into your PrestoMetrics account to see your results and make improvements to your business using your data.

Keep in mind, at RBG, we’re always happy to help. If you have any questions regarding InstaShops, whether it’s the process, your particular business model category, or any question in between, just email us.

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