Every wonder how to make extra money as a mystery shopper? Well we might have the perfect solution for you.

When shopping with RBG, many of the assignments are for goods and services you and your family already use on a regular basis. By incorporating your wants and needs into assignments, you’ll be putting money in your pocket every month.

Here are a some secret shopping opportunities that we offer:

Restaurant and Bar Mystery Shopping

Sure, you can brown bag it every day to save money but if you can grab a bite  or beverage now and then and have someone else (RBG) pick up the tab, why not treat yourself  special or, better yet, bring along a friend? From tacos, burgers and pizzas to steaks, beer and tall,  frosty cockails, you can have the entire cost of your meal reimbursed, plus be paid for your time. In  addition, you get to report on your experiences so businesses know what they’re doing right  and wrong in areas such as food quality, customer service and site maintenance.

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Vehicle Maintenance.

Few things crunch your budget more than keeping your car or truck in good working order. Most of us put it off as long as possible, often costing us more in the long run. RBG has clients who provide oil changes, tune-ups and tire services. All you have to do is follow the guidelines to pose as a regular customer and get these services for free or at a considerable discount.

Gifts and Presents.

There are many specialty shops that use mystery shoppers to evaluate their products and services. Imagine impressing a loved one with a gift of candy, flowers or specialty foods at a fraction of what it usually costs. These shops may require a phone inquiry, in-store visit, or both, along with completing an online evaluation, and you get to enjoy the smiles of the recipient as they enjoy their unique, personalized gifts.

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Travel and Leisure.

Staycations – booking a local hotel to relax and just get away from home for a night or two – have become very popular during recent lean economic times. By posing as a mystery shopper, you can have RBG pay for your stay in exchange for being an astute observer of the venues’ services and amenities and reporting your findings. If you’re just going out for a day of shopping or a special downtown dinner, enjoy the luxury of valet parking as a secet shopper – for free!

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Family Fun.

Kids love visits to game arcades and pizza buffets. When you agree to visit these recreational facilities as a mystery shopper and evaluate their food, site maintenance and games, the adventure is free or nearly free and you’re the hero of the day. Tired of going to the same old barber shop? RBG will pay you and pick up your haircut tab if you mystery shop one of their unique hair cutting clients and report all the details of your experience.

Non-Profit Organizations.

It’s always a thrill to visit a charity second-hand store and find just what  you’re looking for at a fraction of full retail cost. RBG has a major client that needs evaluators to shop  stores in many states for a substantial reimbursement fee, a small donation item, and a detailed  report on your experience.

Any type of income is a good thing, but extra income is the best. It may not have a big bow tied around it but it always feels like a gift. And if you play your cards right, it will show up in your bank account every month, without fail, guaranteed.

Now that you know how to make extra money as a mystery shopper, sign up today!

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