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Whether simply emphasizing great customer service or promoting discounts and coupons, you have resources dedicated to driving sales in your retail business. That’s because sales are the life blood of your business.

While there are many ways to attract customers and increase sales , one method that many retailers are not aware of is video mystery shopping. This reality-based tool can be a powerful resource for assessing your staff’s performance and evaluating your strategies to further drive sales.

Through the Customer’s Eyes

As management, it is impossible to see everything going on in all your locations. And you will likely not have an authentic customer experience when you visit with your management team. What video secret shopping provides is that authentic experience, as your customer sees it. There is no filter.

Using hidden cameras, professional mystery shoppers enter your business as a real customer. They record the experience, and then you get to see what it is like walking into your business when the boss is not around. This will allow you to determine whether or not your team could use some coaching to improve their customer service or sales techniques.

Customized, Specific Training

You do your best to train your staff, but it can be difficult to anticipate, address, or catch every issue. With video mystery shopping you can use footage to address specific training topics and help your employees improve in any area.

If you are running a specific marketing campaign or promotion to boost business, your staff’s involvement is essential to its success. Video mystery shopping can give you a unique perspective into the success of your campaign, and how your employees can improve their customer service strategy for the next campaign or promotion.

Coaching, Not Catching

Coming down on employees or embarrassing them in front of the rest of the staff is not the best use of mystery shopping videos. Use discretion and be sensitive about whether a video should be used for one-on-one coaching or for all-staff training, like a coach reviewing game footage with the team.

Remember that your employees play a major role in your success.

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