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There’s a lot more that happens at a dealership than just selling cars. From up-selling oil changes to tires, there are ample opportunities for dealerships to capture a sale. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, those sales fall short. For some dealerships, that’s just the way things are, and the idea of a sale is based on pure “luck.” But did you know that using Reality Based Group’s GameFilm® video mystery shopping allows you to focus on objective, solid video mystery shopping feedback? Here’s how GameFilm® can improve your dealership’s sales and what that means for you.

Learn What Customers are Actually Experiencing

Buying a car is probably a different experience for you. You know the ins and outs of the dealership and you probably have a lead to a great deal. Unfortunately, for most everyone else, that’s simply not the case. And for that reason, many people don’t enjoy going to the dealership; even for the most simple things like an oil change. GameFilm® video mystery shopping provides you with data that numbers simply can’t explain or show. With GameFilm®, you can see for yourself exactly what the customer is experiencing and help you come up with ways to ensure their visit is a positive one.

Identify Gaps Within the Customer Experience

One of the key components to improving the overall customer experience is identifying gaps in the dealership’s performance in comparison to the brand’s pre-established goals. Experience is perceptive and everyone’s perception varies. Are you missing the mark because you and your customer are experiencing two different realties?

Are Marketing Efforts Being Deployed and Are They Effective?

One of the biggest complaints about going to the dealership is that there are always gaps in what is advertised, or marketed, and what is actually being offered once a customer is on site attempting to redeem the advertisement. GameFilm® offers you the ability to see how the marketing efforts are being promoted and implemented on site by your employees. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to see if the deal you are offering is effective.

Determine if Training Initiatives are Being Carried Out

Through a tailored mystery shopping program, you can identify a number of different practices that need improved upon. Even with a great training program already in place, it’s important to see how that training is being carried out. With this program, employees develop a better understanding of their responsibility when it comes to interacting with customer and implementing marketing and sales offers.

You can learn how to eliminate the guessing game when it comes to satisfying customers with a tailored mystery shopping program. With these programs you can maximize effectiveness of each sale, learn more about your customer experience, and increase overall efficiency at your dealership. Learn more about Reality Based Group’s GameFilm® video mystery shopping programs.



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