Mystery shoppers sometimes get comfortable with evaluating a certain brand and stick with that company because they’re familiar with the report formats and requirements. But if you want to make more money and expand your horizons, exploring new brands and different types of shops is necessary.

You may think your mystery shopping schedulers are only there to keep shoppers busy, proficient and timely but we can also help you choose new shops based on your experience and skills. Don’t hesitate to ask for guidance in choosing new shops.

Mystery Shopping Schedulers can also help you with many other issues; all you have to do is ask. We are here to help you in any way possible.

Life Happens

You may be the best mystery shopper in the world: dependable, observant, objective and articulate. But those attributes don’t negate the fact that you’re human and susceptible to life’s glitches. You get sick, your kids and partner get sick, your car breaks down – no matter how dedicated you are, sometimes you just can’t keep a commitment you made to your scheduler.

First of all, let us know as soon as possible of your problem. We can often simply reschedule the shop for you. If not, we really appreciate as much notice as possible, in order for us to find another shopper to cover the assignment.

Confusion Isn’t a Crime

Guidelines for shops sometimes change monthly or even weekly. New shops often have guidelines that you aren’t used to seeing and may come off as confusing. Same goes for the reports themselves, where “No” seems to mean “Yes” and vice versa. Editors’ coaching notes can be unclear to shoppers who don’t fully understand what they did wrong to lose points on a report. Your schedulers are there to help, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Be Responsible

When you schedule several shops in one day, make sure you can keep the time commitments without rushing. Carefully consider traffic patterns during rush hours, road construction, and weather conditions when planning your shop route. When shoppers feel rushed, their focus on details often suffers and their objectivity can be compromised by stress. These factors generally contribute to oversight when evaluating a shopping experience and also when completing reports, so rely on your time management skills for success.

Keep Them Informed

Occasionally shoppers are assigned a location that is closed or asked to evaluate a specific person who isn’t present when they arrive at the appointed shop. Don’t try to second guess what you should do, just contact your mystery shopping scheduler as soon as possible and we can work it out.

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