Student Mystery Shopping

Tuition fees keep rising, options for major/concentrated areas of study are constantly expanding, and Spring Break celebrations are more entertaining than ever. The one variable that never changes for college kids is the plight of the so-called starving students. No, they aren’t really starving but it’s rare to find a college student who doesn’t lament not having enough money for books, beer, rent—whatever.

Regardless of the size of your college town, it’s typically hard to find a job—any job. Between the teenage townies, local retirees, and college upperclassmen who have already staked their job claims as freshmen, even the least desirable jobs in fast food, site maintenance and sign turning on the corner are gone before you lose your dorm room key for the first time.

Mystery shopping is the ideal money-making solution for college students. Most shops require shoppers to be at least 18 years old – so there are many opportunities across the nation. Here are 6 reasons why college students make good mystery shoppers.

1. Flexibility.

Almost no group of people is required to be more flexible than college students. There are class schedules to juggle to meet core requirements, learning to negotiate pizza toppings with 4 other people, figuring out how to fit clubbing, political rallies and reading War and Peace into one weekend – it’s a complex puzzle. With the flexibility of mystery shopping schedules, students can earn money without sacrificing in other areas.

2. Education.

Most college students know little or nothing about their college towns before they arrive. Mystery shopping familiarizes them with many different businesses in town that provide needed services and may even present part-time job opportunities. In many cases, mystery shops augment their formal education with lessons learned in banking, service, health and retail environments.

3. Creativity.

Whether your major is in the fields of technology, political science or the arts, the more creative you are, the better. Mystery shopping fosters creativity through role playing, writing detailed descriptions of scenarios and interchanges, thinking on your feet, and increasing awareness of your surroundings.

4. Socialization.

Some kids are overwhelmed by college, especially if they were raised in small towns. Many food and drink shops that RBG offers reimburse for up to two people. This gives college students the opportunity to ask a fellow student to join them without cutting into their book budgets while building friendships.

5. Savings.

Even if meals are included in tuition fees, students are bound to want to eat out on occasion. RBG always has a wide range of take-out and fast food mystery shops available. Since they reimburse the cost of the meal, students can indulge their cravings for pizza, burgers, ethnic foods and sweets without feeling guilty or trying to explain to Mom and Dad where their allowance went.

6. Steady, reliable pay.

A lot of college jobs are paid on erratic schedules or have students relying on tips and gratuities to make ends meet. RBG automatically pays their shoppers reimbursement payments and shop fees on a set schedule each month through either direct deposit or PayPal. With all the uncertainties college life is filled with, it’s nice to have at least one constant that puts a smile on faces.

The college years usually generate the most memorable stories of life; later in life, many recall them as the best years of their lives. Mystery shopping as part of the experience adds even more fond remembrances to that repertoire.

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