Pets have always been a big part of many people’s lives and in recent years have been scientifically proven to contribute to the psychological and mental well-being of many. Whether you prefer the unconditional, energetic loyalty of a dog or the detached, subdued company of a cat, keeping your pet happy and healthy is important.

Like many services, veterinary costs have soared in the past decade. Taking advantage of RBG’s veterinary mystery shopping opportunities is an excellent way to offset pet care costs without sacrificing quality. Our veterinary locations are staffed by friendly and professional doctors and staffs who will treat you and your pet with respect, kindness and understanding concurrent with providing the best medical care available.

There are some restrictions and guidelines that must be followed, the biggest one being that your pet must be a dog or cat; sorry, no lizards, snakes, turtles, guinea pigs, etc. The reports for these shops cover every aspect of your experience, from scheduling your appointment through follow-up communications subsequent to your visit.

Getting Started

You must be a new client to the location, not necessarily the company itself. It’s preferable that your pet has seen a vet fairly recently, within 12 months for dogs and 36 months for cats. When you make the appointment on the phone, present yourself as looking for a new vet in your area and say you just need a general checkup for your pet. You may also request vaccines, vitamins/supplements, flea treatments, UTI checks, nail clipping, ear cleaning, etc. but shop reimbursement generally only covers checkups. The shop cannot be used for major services such as spay/neuter, emergency procedures, or surgeries.

Focus Areas

Just like any medical appointment, there are three areas of focus: appointment scheduling, doctor visit, and follow-up.

Appointment Scheduling

This part of the assignment is recorded via a link to a toll-free number on your shopper report. Be sure to ask for a check-up or exam, not a “well check” as that is vet lingo and could make you suspect as a mystery shopper. Try to schedule an appointment for the date on your report or choose the nearest later date if necessary. Don’t offer your name at the onset of the call; wait for them to ask. Same for closing the call; wait for them to thank you first.

Doctor Visit

Be sure to have your pet on a leash or otherwise secured in a pet carrier. Note the greeting you receive upon arrival and the staff presence and attitude. Check in and make mental notes of the interchange. Time your wait period and length of the examination, preferably using a stopwatch. Include a valid phone number and email address on the paperwork you fill out for follow-up contact. Ask at least one question to confirm your concerns have been addressed. In lieu of that, ask a general question about pet food recommendations, best toys and snacks, handling multiple pet households, etc. Gather business cards for name verifications and be sure to get a receipt for reimbursement from RBG.

Final Steps

After you and your pet return home, you can relax as you wait for an email follow-up, which should arrive within 72 hours. You can immediately fill out your report while details are fresh in your mind and select the “Save Shop For Later” option as you await the email, or jot down notes and complete the report all at once after you receive the follow-up email from the vet. Keep your report comments objective and concise. If you haven’t received an email from the vet in 3 days (72 hours), note that at the end of your report before you submit it.

That sparkle you’ll see in Fido’s or Fluffy’s eyes after your vet visit may be all the satisfaction you need but you can also bask in the virtue of being a good pet owner. Add to that your cost savings and shop payment and you’ll soon be doing the happy dance with your cherished canine or feline companion.

Get Started

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