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Trying to find a parking spot in a metropolitan area can be frustrating, especially around busy venues like big hotels and hospitals. As you search for people approaching their cars to depart and soon find yourself several blocks from your destination, the sight of sharply dressed valets beckons you to let them solve your problem. Since Valets are often times the first impression when visiting a restaurant, hotel, etc., it is important to know how they did. This is why we perform valet parking mystery shopping to the largest brands in the world.

RBG’s valet parking  mystery shopping assignments provide the pleasure of the parking service for free, plus you get paid for your time. Shoppers are provided scenarios to analyze the service at major hotels, restaurants and hospitals and typically take less than an hour to complete. You’ll use your keen observation skills to assess personal appearance and performance as well as report on how well procedural protocols are followed.

The shopper reports concentrate on evaluating service, attentiveness and teamwork, all key to successful valet service. Properly identifying associates is imperative as several different people are often involved in serving customers, so be particularly aware of name tags and physical characteristics.

Trip Preparation

Valet Parking Mystery shops are usually time sensitive. Targeting service at designated times helps the client more easily pinpoint areas for improvement, so it’s important you adhere to assigned time frames. Even though your valet parking needs will be met upon arrival, consider traffic patterns, detours and construction on your route to allow yourself ample driving time. There are many apps and radio stations that provide regular updates of traffic conditions to make your trip easier. Double-check the entrance assigned at your destination. Many large facilities have multiple entrances and if you shop the incorrect one, your report will be invalid.

Personal Presentation

The suggested scenarios for hotel and restaurant shops, which vary by client and time of visit, include meeting some friends for drink, meeting a coworker for lunch, etc.. Hospital shops require you posing either as a visitor or someone checking themselves into the Emergency Room. Appropriate dress for all scenarios is business casual, as either a very dressy or notably careless appearance would make you stand out when you want to blend in as much as possible.

Vehicle Guidelines

The vehicle you drive to the valet parket location should be as nondescript as your clothing. No commercial vehicles, RVs or monster trucks. If you have a convertible or T-top, close it before you leave home. While the interior and exterior of your vehicle don’t need to be pristine, the outside should be reasonably clean and make sure there aren’t any old soda cups, burgers or fries lurking in the console or under the seats. Again, nothing about you or your vehicle should be memorable.

Discretion Matters

Regardless of the setting given to you in the report guidelines, hotel and restaurant shops generally require a minimum timed visit. If you are not actually having lunch at the location, it’s critical that you stay out of the eyesight of the valet and front desk personnel to avoid arousing suspicion. You can have a beverage at the bar or find a quiet corner in the lobby to sit and pass the time. Guidelines for hospital shops vary by assignment.

Points to Remember

Remain in your vehicle until you are approached by a valet parking staff member. Since you may shop the same location over a period of weeks or months, use a different alias each time and make the name generic and forgettable. Always tip your valet. Get either a physical ticket stub or upload a clear copy of the stub to your cell phone as it is necessary for reimbursement, and verify the numbers on the stub and receipt match. Pay close attention to the wording used by the valet as clients are interested if scripts are being followed by staff members.

Valet parking mystery shops are easy, and it’s fun to invent scenarios and names while checking out local landmarks. You’ll also enjoy watching the teamwork of valet teams as they successfully park and retrieve cars for a colorful mix of customers in a fast-paced atmosphere.

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