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Business is moving faster than ever before and we’re experiencing a boom for innovation in every area of business. Numerous surveys conducted over the past two or three years correctly report that customer experience will be a priority for most businesses. And companies are figuring it out.

Past studies predicted that by 2019 more than half of all businesses will invest more money into the customer experience (CX). But today’s numbers reveal that even more organizations are making CX a priority.

Following are some predictions regarding customer service and customer experience as we head into 2019.

Customers will continue to get smarter.

When it comes to customer experience, consumers know what they want, and they expect to get it. Customers are no longer just comparing you to your competitors – they are comparing you to the best service they have ever received from any company.

Customers want and expect convenience.

How easy is it to conduct business with your company? Customers will do more business with the companies that are easiest to work with, and in most cases, they are willing to pay (a lot) more for it.

Customer experience will top the marketing agenda.

While companies are investing more resources on customer experience, the real impact is on the marketing department. Customer service and customer experience will continue to be one of the best marketing investments a business can make.

Getting personal.

Today’s consumers are impressed with how the companies they patronize seem to know them. Using data to analyze buying patterns, and using that information to provide a customized experience, is becoming easier. More organizations will do a better job of segmenting their customers into groups to provide a more personalized experience.

Self-service customer service is expected.

A large percentage of your customers expect a quick response or resolution to a question or problem. And unlike the Baby Boomers, they don’t want to make a phone call to get it. Businesses today have to provide the self-service solutions that their customers want.

Convenience is key.

All customers care about is being able to connect with the brand however they want to, whether it’s via online chat, a social channel, a messaging app or even the traditional telephone. They just want the most convenient way to connect to the company and get what they want easily and as quickly as possible.

Employee experience will become as important as customer experience.

With unemployment being so low, the pool of available talent is very small, so good employees are being hired away, making the employee experience more important. A good employee experience can create a better customer experience while protecting your business against other companies that are trying to steal your best workers.

Mobile is still king.

Many people barely use the phone part of their mobile phone – they use the apps to connect with their friends, family, and companies. They shop, read, communicate and learn using apps. If you haven’t already done so, find a way into your customers’ mobile devices.

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