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Unlike retail stores and restaurants, banks are constantly challenged to attract new customers and retain their client base. Stores and eateries can offer discount coupons or add new items to their inventory to increase business; while banks are left with little more than competitive interest rates to get attention, which is why many used to offer free microwaves or coffee makers to new customers (incentive gift cards are now more common).

RBG’s bank and financial services mystery shopping programs help banks stay competitive by measuring and improving their overall customer experience. A bank can have homemade chocolate chip cookies, creamy lattes, and a fresh bowl of water for your dog in the lobby, along with aromatherapy and tiny tinkling waterfalls, but if you get subpar service, none of those perks matter.

You can sign up for several types of bank shops as an RBG mystery shopper. The choices range from simple to complex, take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or so to complete, and the pay for each shop is based on complexity.

Teller Assessment Mystery Shops

These shops are quick and easy. If you’re evaluating service at a bank where you are already a customer, the assignment may be making a simple deposit or withdrawal or inquiring about options to upgrade your account. For non-customer banks, you may be asked to inquire about their check cashing practices and evaluate their efforts to bring you on board as a new customer.

New Customer Mystery Shops

If you enjoy posing as someone else, these shops are ideal. Armed with a script you study ahead of time, you ask to speak to someone (usually a manager or officer) about opening a new account. Your evaluation of the experience measures customer service, employee knowledge and the confidence you felt in trusting the bank with your finances.

Investment Banking Mystery Shops

Whether you already have investments, 401K plans and dabble in the stock market or just daydream about the diverse portfolio you’ll have someday, RBG’s investment banking shops are fun and educational. You schedule an appointment with a certified investment counselor (usually a specific person designated by the client) and present a detailed scenario which usually includes an inheritance, college fund planning, diversification of funds or a combination thereof. The counselor is evaluated on presentation, knowledge, adherence to industry standards, and quality/validity of the provided options. Pay for these shops is usually higher than other types based on your knowledge and time investment.

Bank Phone Mystery Shops

If you prefer working from home, RBG’s bank phone shops are a perfect fit. Assignments give you detailed scripts to follow to inquire about services, account types and details, CD and mortgage loan rates – just about any amenity the bank offers. You assess phone etiquette, hold times, employee knowledge and customer service. Since you’re retaining your anonymity for each call, you can sign up for multiple bank phone assignments at different locations of the same bank.

RBG has many types of bank mystery shopping opportunities throughout the United States and Canada. Our clients depend on us to provide insight into their operations and help them attract new customers and keep their current ones happy. We depend on sharp, observant shoppers to do the job.

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