Between being bombarded with ads for all kinds of cars and trucks and friends, family and celebrities measuring happiness and success by what’s parked in their garages, vehicles are a huge part of today’s society. If you have an interest in new cars, signing up to perform RBG auto dealership mystery shopping jobs will not only brighten your day and put money in the bank, it may inspire you to add another goal to your bucket list.

And it’s not just your father’s auto dealer experience anymore. While RBG has traditional shops where you walk in cold to test drive a car, there are other computer-based shops that never require you to leave home. Of course, for maximum fun and profit, you can perform a variety of shop types every month or so.

New Car Shopping

These shops require a showroom visit and a test drive. Your evaluation covers every aspect of the experience from your greeting upon arrival through choosing a model, the personality and knowledge of the sales associate, the conversation during the road test, and follow-up communications.

Shopping for Pre-Owned Vehicles

Much like new car shops, these require a visit to the dealership and a test drive. The sales and negotiation skills of the salesperson are analyzed, as is the condition of the chosen vehicle. Some shops require a phone call prior to the visit to determine vehicle availability and assess phone presentation skills.

Parts and Service Shops

To qualify for these shops, you must own a certain brand, year and model of car that a dealership services. RBG reports for these shops may require replacement of simple parts, general maintenance such as tune-ups and oil changes, or light body work. You must analyze the quality and time frame for service, the friendliness and knowledge of the staff, and the cleanliness, comfort and safety of the shop and service bays.

Online Automotive Sales

Many people now shop online for cars before ever visiting a dealership. Sophisticated websites let you choose every feature you desire from tires and rims through upholstery, protective undercoatings, and plush extras like heated seats, surround sound audio systems, and interactive, hands-free GPS systems. These reports measure the clarity of the dealership’s online communications and follow-up telecommunication skills.

RBG offers various types of auto dealership shops in many states for both imported and domestic brands. In such a highly aggressive market as automotive sales and service, we’re dedicated to helping these dealers gain and maintain a competitive edge. We rely on savvy shoppers who can convincingly pose as potential car buyers or those seeking parts and service to shop these stores.

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