There Is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch… And You’ll Get Cash In Your Pocket Too!

You don’t have to wait for your birthday to get a free meal. You get free meals at some of your favorite eateries year round through mystery shopping. 

Eating out is a treat.

Whether grabbing a quick bite while you’re running errands, relaxing in a cozy bistro with a friend after a long day at work to share a beer and hot appetizers, celebrating a special occasion at a friendly steakhouse, or surprising your family with take-out from their favorite pizza or fast casual restaurant, sometimes nothing satisfies like food cooked by someone else.

Welcome to the World of Restaurant Mystery Shopping

As an RBG secret shopper, you can enjoy all types of food at new places as well as your favorite places all over town – and all for free! With today’s tight economy, it’s often difficult to find money in your budget for such indulgences. The solution: Become an RBG mystery shopper. We pay savvy consumers to evaluate service, food and drink quality, and environmental factors such as cleanliness at all types of restaurants. Not only do we reimburse you for the price of the meal and tip, some of our shops give you extra cash for your time.

It’s So Easy to Get Started

RBG prides itself on recruiting and retaining the best secret shoppers: those that have fantastic grammar and writing skills, and the highest of ethical standards. If you have what we are looking for then get started with signing up today! The steps are easy and you could be getting paid assignments in just a few days.

Here are the simple steps to becoming an RBG mystery shopper and earning free meals and payment:

Peruse Their Accounts

RBG’s accounts cover many states. Their client list has a lot of different types of restaurants ranging from sandwich shops to casual dining, fast food, and even bars! Choose ones that are conveniently located and ones where you enjoy eating. If you’re adventurous, try some with food items you’d like to try.

Apply Today

Next, fill out the application and complete an online assessment, which includes a short writing sample (frequently a description of a real shopping experience). Make sure to double check spelling and grammar prior to submission.

You’re Almost There!

After you submit your application, you’ll receive notice of whether or not you qualify to be an RBG mystery shopper within a few days – or even a few hours. You’ll be emailed available assignments and you will also be provided with access to a list of available shops to choose from. After your assignment is confirmed, you’re good to go.

Perform the Shop

Double-check the restaurant address and shopping times. You won’t get paid if you go to the wrong location or don’t adhere to the visiting time requirements. Above all, be discreet and blend in with the clientele; remember…you’re working as an undercover shopper!

Submit A Great Report

Follow the report instructions to a T. Report content requirements vary according to what the restaurant wants to know and typically include questions and require comments on servers, food quality and appearance, timeliness of food delivery, and cleanliness of the premises. If you have questions, contact your scheduler before submitting the report. Cut and paste your narratives into Microsoft Word and run them through a Spelling and Grammar check prior to report submission. The better your reports are, the more shops you’ll be given…and the more free food and cash you’ll receive!

Get Started Today

Mystery shopping is one of the best jobs you can have. You set your own schedule, payment is steady and reliable, and you’ll have a lot of fun learning about your local businesses and taking pride in helping them succeed. You can earn cash and free  stuff throughout the year if you’re diligent and take pride in your work, so get started shopping today!

Get Started

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