Mystery Shopping

Learn more about mystery shopping and what it can do for you here or with our ebook “A Quick Start Guide to Mystery Shopping Programs” here. You can also start exploring specific mystery shopping solutions here.

No matter what industry your business belongs in, competition is fiercer today than ever before. The Internet and other technological advancements have made the world seem like a much smaller place. Further, you can be assured even if you’re the only brick-and-mortar game in town, you’re never really the only “game” in town anymore.

How do you differentiate yourself in this competitive landscape? By ensuring the customer experience you’re providing isn’t just meeting expectations but exceeding them. Mystery shopping lets you do just that by providing simple, objective observations of your staff and operations through the eyes of professional, mystery shoppers.

Reality Based Group offers every form of mystery shopping imaginable to fit your needs. From video, written, phone, and online mystery shopping to manufacturer and competitive mystery shopping, RBG has you covered.

Mystery shopping with RBG isn’t simply about data collection, but gathering the right data based upon actionable, revenue-driving behaviors that improve your customers’ experience while increasing your bottom line. Our closed-loop approach to mystery shopping means your objectives remain at the forefront during every stage of the process. We design your unique mystery shopping program and scorecard (the questions posed to mystery shoppers) to assess performance on factors that correlate to your goals and can be effectively modified through training and coaching.

  • A mystery shopping program answers the following questions:
    • Why does one location perform better than another?
    • How can we increase conversions?
    • How can we increase average ticket price?
    • How can we gain and retain more customers?
    • How can we increase sales?
    • How can we increase customer loyalty?

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